Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 Operation Manual N Troubleshooting

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The Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 operation manual now available for download in PDF format. If you ever have problems with this Projectors, before looking for a solution through search engines, maybe you can read the Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 manual especially in troubleshooting chapter on page 72- 74. In addtion in the Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 owners manual also provides detail information such as learn Part Names and Functions, Using the Remote Control, nserting the Batteries, tutorial Setting Up the Projector, Projection (PRJ) Mode, Screen Size and Projection Distance, Ceiling-mount Setup. Then about Connecting to Video Equipment and computer, Controlling the Projector by a Computer. Further about Turning the Projector On/Off, Image Projection guide, Using the Menu Screen, Computer Image Adjustment (“SIG-ADJ” Menu), Enjoying 3D Image Viewing, Maintenance guide, Cleaning the projector, Cleaning the lens, Regarding the Lamp, Resetting the Lamp Timer, RS-232C Specifications and Commands, SHARP Assistance, and more. The Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 user manual has 78 pages with file size is 11.2 MB and support in english language. More detail about the table of content for the Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 manual / user guide, troubleshooting summary also download link information read after pictures below. The Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 measuring 400 × 100 × 335 mm with weight is 5.8 kg. For diplay is  0.65" DLP Chip × 1 with 1080P (1920 × 1080) resolution. HOw about with lens? the lens is F 2.5 – 2.7 with zoom is Manual, ×1.15 (f = 21.0 – 24.2 mm). For input terminal such as HDMI, Computer/Component (mini D-sub 15 pin), Component (3RCA) S-Video (mini DIN 4 pin) and Video (RCA). Other features and specifications, you can read on page 76.

Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000
Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000

Table of content for the Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 Operation Manual:
  • Preparing
  • Introduction
  • Using
  • Basic Operation
  • Useful Features
  • Menu Bar Items
  • Using the Menu Screen
  • Setup
  • Setting Up the Projector
  • Connections
  • Samples of Cables for Connection
  • Reference
  • Appendix
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance Indicators
  • Regarding the Lamp

Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 Troubleshooting Summary:
  • No picture or projector does not start
  • Color is faded or poor
  • Picture is blurred noise appears
  • An unusual sound is occasionally heard from the cabinet
  • Maintenance indicator on the projector illuminates
  • Picture is green when  receiving YPbPr  signals and the video  equipment is connected  to the COMPONENT or COMPUTER/COMPONENT  terminal on the projector
  • Picture is pink when receivng RGB signals and the video equipment is connected to the  COMPONENT or COMPUTER/ COMPONENT terminal on the  projector
  • The black levels of the image show banding or appear faded when HDMI1 or 2 is selected
  • Picture is too bright and whitish
  • The cooling fan becomes noisy
  • The lamp does not light up even after the projector turns on
  • The lamp suddenly turns off during projection
  • The image sometimes fl ickers
  • The lamp needs much time to turn on
  • Picture is dark
  • One Touch Play is not enabled
  • System Standby is not enabled
  • A response code cannot be received when the  projector was attempted  to be controlled using  RS-232C commands from  a computer during standby
  • The remote control cannot be used
  • 3D images are no displayed
  • 3D Images flicker when watching in a room
  • Ghosting (a double image)  occurs without the image appearing in 3D
  • The projected image is dark
  • The 3D Glasses turn off automatically
  • Pressing the power button on the 3D Glasses does not
  • cause the LED light to light
Get and download the Sharp Projectors XV-Z17000 Operation Manual and troubleshooting here

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