Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U Operation Manual

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Continue the previous post about the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U manual also support for the Sharp BD-AMS20U, now still about sharp blu-ray but with type is BD-HP35U. The Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U Operation Manual now available for download in PDF format with file size is 3.8 MB. You can download this user manual directly at The owner's manual support in english language and consisting of 71 pages. For the the subject matter not different with the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U manual, for example including how to learn blu-ray basic operations, connection guide like HDMI and wired connection (LAN cable and Wireless LAN), using playback video, picture, music playback, playback settings, software update AQUOS LINK, troubleshooting problem, warranty info and more. More detail about the table of content for the Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U user guide or manual also download link information read below after pictures cover. The Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U has a physical dimension of  16" x 1-15/16" x 7-13/16". The weight of this blu-ray is 5.1 lbs. Thid blu-ray comes with main features and specs such as   Full HD 3D 1080p/24 fps Output, Wi-Fi and LAN Connection, Netflix / Vudu / Pandora / YouTube Streaming1, 2 USB Ports, AQUOS Link, IP Control, BD-Live, DLNA Network Connection and Auto Software Update.

 Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U

Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U Operation Manual Cover
Table of Content for the Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U Operation Manual:
  • Introduction
  • Safety information
  • Important safety instructions
  • Precautions
  • Dear Sharp Customer
  • Getting started
  • Contents
  • About media types
  • Connection
  • Playback
  • Settings
  • Streming content
  • Appendix
Get and download the Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP35U Operation Manual here

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