Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Operation Manual N Troubleshooting

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Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Operation Manual available for download directly at sharpusa official website. This manual actually also support for the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS20U. The Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U manual comes in PDF format with file size is 17.3 MB and has 62 pages and support in english language. The Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U owner's manual provides many raference information, instruction also tutorial for example learn blu-ray part overview, remote control unit with keylock funtion, connecting guide like connecting to a  TV/projector on page 16, connecting to a an amplifier / AV receiver, HDMI connection, digital audio connection, connecting to a USB, broadband internet connection. Then about starting playback, language settings, operating SHARP TV using the remote control, using AQUOS LINK, using 3D, using the disc menu, BD live, learn playback functions, setting during playback. Other important information in the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U manual such as about common operations, audio video settings, smart settings, playback settings, software update settings, troubleshooting, reset the player, on-screen error messages, specifications, warranty, etc. More detail about the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U manual / user guide, troubleshooting summary also download link information read after pictures cover below. The Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U measuring 16-15/16 x 1-15/16 x 7-1/16 with weight is 3.3 lbs.This Blu-ray has main specifications and features such as Wi-Fi ready with LAN Connection, Full HD 3D 1080p/24 fps Output, 2 USB Ports, Hard Disc Drive USB Interface,  AQUOS Link and Pure Mode, HDMI Output and Auto Software Update. Moreover the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U  also support for YouTube, RSS Feed, Vudu™ Streaming, Netflix Streaming, DLNA Network File Streaming, BD-Live (Profile 5.0).

Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Operation Manual
Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Operation Manual Cover

Table of Content for the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Operation Manual:
  • Introduction
  • Safety information
  • Important safety instructions
  • Precautions
  • Dear Sharp Customer
  • Getting started
  • Contents
  • About media types
  • Connection
  • Playback
  • Settings
  • Streming content
  • Appendix

Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Troubleshooting Summary:
  • The player power cannot be turned on
  • The player power is turned off
  • The remote control does not work
  • Cannot operate the payer
  • The player cannot play a disc
  • The disc is automatically ejected adter closing the disc tray
  • Video stops
  • The player makes a snapping sound when starting playback or loading disc
  • No picture
  • Screen freezes and operation buttons do not work
  • Square noise (mosaic) appears on the screen
  • Audio is not output, or images are not played back properly
  • 3D images cannot be output to a TV
  • Noise on the screen
  • No sound, or sound is distorted
  • Audio is not output, or omages are not played back properly
  • Cannot connect to teh internet
  • cannot download BD-LIVE contents
  • The TV operates incorrectly
  • The player heats up during use
  • Power (on/standby) indocator will remain it

Get and download the Sharp Blu-Ray BD-AMS10U Operation Manual and troubleshooting here

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