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The Samsung Exhilarate manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format. The Samsung Exhilarate manual has 220 pages with file size is 4.56 MB and support in english language. In the Samsung Exhilarate i577 user guide you can find information and important instructions such as about Setting Up Your Phone, Locking and Unlocking the Touch Screen, Setting up your Phone with Ready2Go, Creating a New Google Account, Setting Up Your Voicemail, Android System Recovery and troubleshootimg. Then in the Samsung Exhilarate user manual also provides information for example about phone part overview, display layout and menu navigation, making a call, Entering Text Using the Samsung Keypad, AT&T Address Book Activation on page 54, using applications like media hub and music player, live TV, Qik lite, videos and gallery, using camera and camcoder, using Google talk, Google+, messages app, Gmail, Messaging Settings, and phone settings guide like Wireless and Network, call and sound settings, display settings, location and security, AT&T Software Update, etc. Other important information like connections settings like using browser, bluetooth, NFC and PC connections. Further using allshare, Amazon Kindle, AT&T Code Scanner, books, facebook and kies air, latitude, mpas, Mini Diary, task mangaer, social hub, sfety, warranty and more. While for table of content of  Samsung Exhilarate owner manual as follows:

Samsung Exhilarate SGH-i577 Manual Cover
Samsung Exhilarate SGH-i577 Manual Cover

Table of Content for the Samsung Exhilarate SGH-i577 manual / user guide:
  • Section 1:  Getting Started
  • Section 2:  Understa nding Your Phone
  • Section 3:  Call Functions
  • Section 4:  Entering Text
  • Section 5:  Contacts and Your Address Book
  • Section 6:  Multimedia
  • Section 7:  Messaging
  • Section 8:  Changing Your Settings
  • Section 9:  Connections
  • Section 10:  Applications
  • Section 11:  Health and Safety Information
  • Section 12:  Warranty Information
  • Section 13: Samsung Product Registration
  • Index
Get and download the  Samsung Exhilarate manual / user guide here (mirror link)

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