Samsung CLP-325W Manual User Guide and Troubleshooting

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The Samsung CLP-325W is Color Laser Printer that has a physical dimension of 12.3" x 9.6" x 15.3". The weight of this printer is 24.3 lbs. If you are owner of this printer and ever had a problem, you can try read the Samsung CLP-325W Manual or User Guide especially about troubleshooting problem chapter on page 75. The Samsung CLP-325W manual comes in PDF format with file size is 18.59 MB and has 103. This owner's manual support in english, spanish and korean language. In addition about troubleshooting guide, in the Samsung CLP-325W user manual also provides important information and instruction such as learn Machine and control panel overview, Introducing the useful buttons, Setting up the hardware, Supplied software, System requirements, Installing USB connected machine’s driver, how to Sharing your machine locally, Setting up a host computer, network settings like Using a wired network and Installing network connected machine’s driver. Further about Installing network connected machine’s driver, Turning the Wi-Fi network on/off, learn printer basic operations, Setting the default tray and paper, Setting the paper size and type, Setting the paper size and type, Macintosh and linux printing. Then about Using SyncThru Web Service, tutorial Cleaning a machine, Storing the toner cartridge, Hardware specifications, contact samsung worldwide, and more. More detail about the Samsung CLP-325W user guide, troubleshooting summary and download link information read after pictures below.
Samsung CLP-325W Color Laser Printer
Samsung CLP-325W Color Laser Printer
The Samsung CLP-325W powered by 360 MHz processor with 256MB. This printer has speed black Up to 17 ppm and speed Color Up to 4 ppm with resolution Up to 2400 dpi. While for Paper Input Capacity up 130 sheets and output only 80 sheets. The Samsung CLP-325W also support Wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Network, WPS and USB 2.0. HOw about the operating system compatibility? the OS compatible for Windows 2000/XP (32/64 bit)/Vista/2003/2008 Server/Windows 7/2008 R2 Server (64 bit only), Various Linux OS, Mac OS X 10.3-10.6 and Universal Mac.

Table of content for the Samsung CLP-325W Manual User Guide:
  • copyright
  • safety information
  • regulatory information
  • about this user’s guide
  • features of your new product
  • introduction
  • getting started
  • network setup (clp-320n(k)/clp-321n/clp-325w(k)/clp-326w only)
  • wireless network setup (clp-325w(k)/clp-326w only)
  • basic setup
  • media and tray
  • Printing
  • management tools
  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting
  • supplies
  • specifications
  • contact the Samsung customer care center
  • glossary
Samsung CLP-325W  Troubleshooting Summary:
  • Redistributing toner
  • Tips for avoiding paper jams
  • Clearing paper jams
  • Solving other problems
Troubleshooting For wireless network setup:
  • Printers Not Found
  • Connecting Failure - Not Found SSID
  • Connecting Failure - Invalid Security
  • Connecting Failure - General Connection Error
  • Connecting Failure - Connected Wired Network
  • Connecting Failure - Connected Wired Network
  • Solving other problems

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