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The Pantech Swift manual or user guide now available for download in PDF format directly at pantech official webiste. The Pantech Swift manual has 126 pages, 3.30 MB and support in english language. This user manual contain many reference information and instruction to operate the Pantech Swift phone properly and safely. In the Pantech Swift user guide you can find information for example about phone and menu overview with explained menu and key functions, phone full specifications, tutorial install SD card and battery, using memory card, turning the phone on /off, screen lock/unlock guide, using multitask menu, updating software, PC suit, making calls and settings, using address book and headset. Then about messaging settings email, using camera on page 70, video player on page 76, music player applications, alarm, notepad, sketch pad. Other information such as using bluetooth on page 95, using the web and settings on page 97-100, phone settings guide like ring tones and display setttings, security locks, reset, safety, warranty and more. While for table of content of the Pantech Swift owner manual as follows:
Pantech Swift Manual Cover
Pantech Swift Manual Cover

Table of content for the Pantech Swift manual / user guide:

  • Specifications
  • Getting Started
  • Calls and address book
  • Messaging
  • Multimedia
  • Useful features
  • Connectivity
  • Settings
  • Appendix

Get and download the Pantech Swift manual user guide here

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