PANTECH CAPER MANUAL - Download Caper PDF User Guide

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The Pantech Caper manual or user guide is instruction ebook that provide many information for owner of this phone. Now the Pantech Caper manual available for download  directly at Pantech official website. The Pantech Caper pdf user guide comes in PDF format and support in english and spanish language (5.34 MB, 157 pages, devided 7 chapter). In the Pantech Caper user manual you can find information and tutorial such as about phone layout with explained handset and display indicators, tutorial install battery and how to charging battery. Then about turning phone on/off on page 21, how to acccessing the menu, making a call, 3-way calling, vibrate mode, using auto keypad lock function and how to making an emergency call. 
Pantech Caper Manual Cover
Pantech Caper Manual Cover

In addition, in the PDF user guide also discuss about memory function, using contacts on page 46, backup assistant, how to blocked, using tools like voice commands, calculator, e-diary, alarm clock, stop watch and notepad+. On page 80, you can get information about phone settings guide like bluetooh, sound and display settings, call settings, memory, phone info and set-up wizard. Another help information about how to using tunes and tones, play games, using mobile web for access the internet, using mobile email, safety, warranty info and more. More detail about read the table of content for the Pantech Caper owner manual as follows:

Table of content for the Pantech Caper manual / user guide:
  • Chapter 1 Before using
  • Chapter 2 Basic operation
  • Chapter 3 Memory function
  • chapter 4 Menu function
  • Chapter 5 Media center
  • Chapter 6 Messaging menu
  • Chapter 7 Safety and Warrranty

Pantech Caper Layout
Pantech Caper Layout
Pantech Caper Layout and Key Button
  1. Left soft key
  2. SEND key
  3. Speakerphone key
  4. Favorites/mode change key
  5. International dial key
  6. Vibration mode key
  7. Notepad+ / space key
  8. TXT composer key
  9. CLR key
  10. END key
  11. Right soft key
  12. Ok key
  13. Direction Key
  14. Display Screen
  15. Earpiece 
  16. 2.5mm headset key
  17. Lock/unlock key
  18. Camera key
  19. Charging/data jack
  20. Self portrait mirror
  21. Camera lens
  22. External speaker
  23. Wirst strap eyelet
  24. Volume keys
  25. AVC (Advanced Voice Commands) key
Get and download the Pantech Caper Manual / user guide pdf here

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