NOKIA LUMIA 610 MANUAL - Download Lumia 610 User Guide

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The Nokia Lumia 610 manual or user guide now available for download directly at nokia official webiste or mirror link. The Nokia Lumia 610 manual comes in PDF format with file size is 2.54 MB consisting of 91 pages and support in english language. In the user guide contain many information and instruction such as about learn keys and parts, tutorial insert the SIM card, Create your Windows Live ID, instructions Copy contacts from your old phone, Lock or unlock the keys and screen, access code, and Set your phone to sync with your computer. Further in the user manual also discuss about learn phone basics operations, making calls, using social network, using internet connections, messages and mail, using camera like take a picture, camera tips, record video, send a picture or video. Then about listen music and watch video, using Nokia music and games, using Nokia mpas, and Nokia Drive, using microsoft office mobile, phone setting management like Back up, sync, and restore your phone, security guide, bluetooth settings, safety info and more. More detail about the table of content of the Nokia Lumia 610 owner manual as follows:

Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 610

Table of Content for the Nokia Lumia 610 Manual / User Guide:
  • Safety
  • Get Started
  • Basics
  • Calls
  • Contacts & social networking services
  • Internet
  • Messages
  • Camera
  • Your Pictures
  • Entertaiment
  • Maps & navigation
  • Office
  • Connectivity & phone management
  • Support
  • Nokia Original accessories
  • Product and safety information
  • Index
Get and download the Nokia Lumia 610 manual / user guide here: (mirror link)

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Or you can download directly at here

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