KYOCERA DURAXT MANUAL - Download DuraXT User Guide

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The latest news for Kyocera DuraXT manual or user guide. Now the Kyocera DuraXT manual available for download directly at sprint official website. The Kyocera DuraXT user guide comes in PDF format with file size is 1.68 MB, 153 pages and support in english language. The Kyocera DuraXT user manual is ebook guide that contain many instruction and important information especially how to using step by step this phone properly. Some important information such as phone layout, menu and key functions, Set Up and activate  Phone, Set Up Voicemail, learn phone basics operations, navigation menu, Simple Data Exchange, Make Phone Calls and phone settings guide like display and volume settings, ringer and messaging settings, phone setup, lock and reset phone. Then about contacts, Sprint Mobile Sync, using camera and record video, print pictures guide, data services, Download Games, Ringers,Sprint Family Locator, using GPs, and many more. While for table of content for the Kyocera DuraXT owner manual as follows:

Kyocera DuraXT
Kyocera DuraXT

Table of content for the Kyocera DuraXT manual user guide:

  • Get Started
  • Phone Basics
  • Phone Calls & Settings
  • Sprint Direct Connect
  • Settings
  • History
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Calendar and tools
  • Camera
  • Web and data
  • GPS navigation
  • Copyrights
  • Index
Get and download the Kyocera DuraXT manual user guide here.

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