HTC DESIRE C MANUAL - Download HTC Desire C User Guide

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This is latest news about the HTC Desire C manual or user guide. Previously in this blog (manual centre) has been discussed about the HTC Desire C Specifications and price. Now The HTC Desire C manual available for download directly at The HTC Desire C user guide comes in PDF format with file size is 5.86 MB, 159 pages and support in english language. In the HTC Desire C user manual you can find many reference information and instuction such as about restarting and resetting phone on page 152 and 153, phone settings guide like Backing up settings to Google, protecting phone, conencting settings like using bluetooth and wi-fi, Using HTC Desire C as a wireless router, Installing HTC Sync Manager, using  Google Play and Google Maps. Further in the HTC Desire C Owner manual also provides detail information such as about About SkyDrive for HTC Sense, usign Gmail, Facebook for HTC Sense, Using Google+, tutorial Backing up your contacts to the storage card, using camera, recording videos, Backing up your contacts to the storage card, Browsing the Web, messaging settings, Updating the HTC Desire C software, Unlocking the screen, learn phone basics operations, phone part overview with explained menu and key functions, and many more. More detail about table of content for the HTC Desire C manual / user guide read below:

Table of Content for the HTC Desire C manual user guide: 

Your first week with your new phone
Making HTC Desire C truly yours
Personalizing HTC Desire C with scenes
Phone calls
Making a call with Smart dial
Search and Web browser
Searching HTC Desire C and the Web
Camera basics Photos, videos, and music
Accounts and sync
Adding your social networks, email accounts, and more
Calendar Online storage and services
Travel and maps Location settings
Using the Clock Google Play and other apps
Your phone and computer
Where apps, data, and files are stored
Connecting HTC Desire C to a computer
Internet connections
Bluetooth and NFC
Settings and security
Other essentials
Trademarks and copyrights

Get and download the the HTC Desire C manual or user guide here.

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