Hanvon WISEreader N618 Manual User Guide and Specifications

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We have information about the Hanvon WISEreader N618 Manual or user guide and specifications. The Hanvon WISEreader N618 is portable E-Book Reader that has many nice features and fun. In this blog, before talking about the Hanvon WISEreader N618 specifications and features, We would like to review about the Hanvon WISEreader N618 manual. The Hanvon WISEreader N618 user guide available for download in PDF format (in rar file). The user manual support in english language and Chinese. Many information in the Hanvon WISEreader N618 owner manual for example about learn part overview and Device Buttons, Tips and advice, learn Basic  Operations like using main menu, Reading interface, Surfing Internet, Bookcase, Digital Editions, pictures, audio, notepad, memo, using tools, and Settings . Then about Install the  Adobe Digital Editions software, Digital Rights Management (DRM), setting up DRM, Battery charging, File Management, Restarting the device, Driver Updates and   Software Updates, and more. More detail about the table of content for the Hanvon WISEreader N618 user manual read after pictures below. The Hanvon WISEreader N618 has a physical dimension of 176.6mm  × 124.8 mm  ×  10.5 mm. The weight of this e-book reader is 260 g(Net). It has 6 inch "Electronic  Paper Display (EPD); 16-level grayscale; Ratio 4:3; Pixel resolution: 800×600. The Hanvon WISEreader N618 runs on the WinCE operating system. This e-book reader support for Wi-Fi and Internet browser, Handwriting and Notetaking, and Music. Other specifications and features for the Hanvon WISEreader N618 read below.

Hanvon WISEreader N618
Hanvon WISEreader N618 E-book Reader

Hanvon WISEreader N618 Full Specifications and Pictures / image:
  • Powered by 2350mAh battery Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
  • Battery Life: 8000 pages
  • Available Micro SD Cards 4GB (up to 32GB)
  • Ports: Mini USB 2.0 Earphones 3.5mm connector MIC
  • Support music with file formats is WAV, WMA, MP3
  • Support text with file formats is TXT, HTXT, HTML, PDF, EPUB, DOC and image like JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • System Requirements (for download book data from usb): Windows® 7, XP, 2000, vista, Mac with processor is 800MHz Intel® Celeron class processor
  • Available notepad and memo

Hanvon WISEreader N618
Hanvon WISEreader N618
Hanvon WISEreader N618
Hanvon WISEreader N618
Table of content For the Hanvon WISEreader N618 Manual user Guide:
Get and download the Hanvon WISEreader N618 manual user guide here: English - Chinese

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