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The Samsung Gusto 2 manual or user guide now available for download directly at The Samsung Gusto 2 manual comes in PDF format wit file size is 3.36 MB and has 170 pages also suport in english language. The Samsung Gusto 2 user manual is ebook guide that contain many important information and instruction especially about how to using step by step the Samsung Gusto 2 correctly and safely. Some information in the Samsung Gusto 2 user guide for example about activating phone, battery, turning phone on and off, roaming and voicemail. Then about features of phone on page 14, learn phone part overview, navigation and functional keys, home screen overview, and understanding menu on page 27. Further about making a call guide, managing contacts, backup assistant, finding a contact, messaging settings, mobile email, using bluetooth on page 76, using applications like serach, games, mobile web, brwose, phone search, VZ navigator, calculator. Other important information such as phone settings guide like sound and display setting, call settings, phone info, setup wizard, safety and more. More detail about subject in the Samsung Gusto 2 owner manual read the table of content below:

Samsung Gusto 2 manual / user guide
Samsung Gusto 2 manual / user guide cover

Table of Content for the Samsung Gusto 2 Manual user guide:

  • Getting started
  • Understanding your phone
  • Entering text
  • Call functions
  • Understanding your contacts
  • Messaging
  • Bluetooth
  • Media center
  • tools
  • Web'Settings
  • Health and safety information
  • Care and maintenance
  • Warranty Information
  • Index
Get and download the Samsung Gusto 2 manual user guide here

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