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The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 manual or user guide now available for download directly at The Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 manual comes in PDF format with file size is 2.17 MB and has 122 pages. The Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 3.6 (YP-GS1CB) user guide support in english language. In the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 user manual provide many reference information and instruction also troubleshooting guide for example about tutorial Install the battery on page 12, Insert a memory card on page 15, learn phone basic operations, phone part overview, Use the touch screen, Lock or unlock the touch screen and keys, Access applications, Download applications from Android Market, Synchronise data. Then about using applications like music, video, camera, gallery, FM radio, Google Mail, talk, social hub, Voice recorder, using internet, maps, latitude, places, navigation, youtube, samsung apps, market, connecting guide like using bluetooth and wi-fi, TV connnections, PC connections, VPN setting, using tools, Google Search, Kies air, using quick office Learn to view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files onyour device or memory card, phone setting guide like sound and display settings, location and security, privacy, dock settings, Troubleshooting problem and more. Especially about Troubleshooting includes such as device displays network or service error messages, The touch screen responds slowly or improperly, device freezes or has fatal errors, The device beeps and the battery icon flashes, The battery does not charge properly or the device turns off, device is hot to the touch, Error messages appear when launching the camera, Error messages appear when launching the FM radio, Error messages appear when opening music files, Another Bluetooth device is not located, A connection is not established when you connect the device to a PC. You can read about troubleshooting or problem solving on page 103. While for table of content of Samsung Galaxy player / S Wifi 3.6 (YP-GS1CB) owner manual read below:

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 manual
Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 Manual Cover

Table of Content for the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 manual user guide:

  • Assembling
  • Getting started
  • Entertainment
  • Communication
  • Personal information
  • Web
  • Connectivity
  • Tools
  • Settings
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety precautions
  • Index
Get and download the Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 manual user guide and troubleshooting here.

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