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The Samsung Chrono SCH-R260 manual or user guide can download at The Samsung Chrono SCH-R260 manual comes in PDF format with file size is 3.41 MB and has 271 pages. The user guide support in english language. In the Samsung Chrono SCH-R260 user manual provide detail information such as Charging the Battery, Activating Your Phone, phone part overview, Navigation Key Shortcuts, Understanding the Display Screen, Menu Navigation. Then about Changing the Text Entry Mode, Message Settings, using web, Easyedge, toon room,easyedgeSM, Finding and Downloading Applications, using camera, Bluetooth, phone setting guide like display and location settings, call settings, safety, warranty and more. For table of content of Samsung Chrono SCH-R260 owner manual read below:

Samsung Chrono SCH-R260
Samsung Chrono SCH-R260

Table of Content for Samsung Chrono SCH-R260 Manual / user guide:

  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • Section 2: Understanding Your Phone
  • Section 3: Call Functions
  • Section 4: Entering Text
  • Section 5: Understanding Your Contacts
  • Section 6: Calls
  • Section 7: Messaging
  • Section 8: Web
  • Section 9: easyedge
  • Section 10: Multimedia
  • Section 11: Tools
  • Section 12: Changing Your Settings
  • Section 13: Health and Safety Information
  • Section 14: Warranty Information
  • Index
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