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The LG Optimus M+ MS695 manual or user guide for MetroPCS now available to download directly at lg official website. The LG Optimus M+ MS695 manual comes in PDF format with file size is 1.8 MB and has 149 pages. The LG Optimus M+ MS695 user manual very important for your owner of this smartphone because provide many reference information and instruction especially how to using step by step this smartphone correctly and safely for example learn phone basic operations, phone setting guide, setup, using applications, connecting guide, safety information and more. In the LG Optimus M+ MS695 user guide you can also find information such as phone memory info, optimizing battery life, installing an open source operating system, using an lock pattern, how to using the hard reset, connectiing to Wi-fi networks, using a micro SD card on page 18, storage settings on page 19, learn phone part overview with menu and keys on page 22, tutorial insttaling the battery and microSD card on page 25 and 28, using menus on page 33, locking the screen on page 37, creating google account on page 45, messaging setting, setting up email, using camera for taking photo on page 77, using camcoder on page 81, using gallery, play music, using bluetooth, using polaris viewer, using metroweb browser for access teh internet, using mapsa and youtube, security setting, and more. For the table of content of  LG Optimus M+ MS695 owner manual read below:

LG Optimus M+ MS695 manual
LG Optimus M+ MS695 Manual Cover

Table od Content for LG Optimus M+ MS695 Manual / user guide:

  •     Important Customer Information
  •     Technical Details
  •     Important notice
  •     Getting to know your phone
  •     Your Home screen
  •     Google account setup
  •     Calls
  •     Contacts
  •     Messaging
  •     Email
  •     Camera
  •     Video camera
  •     Multimedia
  •     Utilities
  •     The Web
  •     Settings
  •     Safety

Get and download the LG Optimus M+ MS695 manual / user guide and settings from lg.com here.

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