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Alcatel OT-985 Manual | The Alcatel OT-985 manual or user guide now available to downloaded in PDF format. The Alcatel OT-985 user guide support in English, French and Portuguese language. The  Alcatel OT-985 user manual has 158 pages with file size is 8.62 MB. The Alcatel OT-985 owner manual provide many reference information, instruction / operating guide also tutorial especially how to using step by step the Alcatel OT-985 phone properly and safely according procedures. Some information in the Alcatel OT-985 manual for example learn phone part overview, Keys and connectors, uisng home screen, Using Onscreen Keyboard, using Google email and talk, Google calendar, check news and weather, Connecting to the Internet, using browser, Connecting to Bluetooth devices, Connecting to a computer via USB, Sharing your phone's mobile data connection, Configuring Internet (SIP) calling, VPN setting, download and install, using camera, gallery, play music and youtube, file manager, using FM radio, using Office suite, battery saver tips, phone setting guide like SIM management, call settings, audio and display settings, security settings, privacy, Schedule power on/off, One Touch Upgrade, accessories info, specifications, troubleshooting problem, and more. For table of content from Alcatel OT-985 user manual / user guide read below:

Alcatel OT-985
Alcatel OT-985 Manual / User Guide Cover

Table of Content for Alcatel OT-985 Manual / user guide:

  • Safety and use
  • General information
  • Your mobile
  • Text input
  • Phone call, Call log and Contacts
  • Google Messaging, Gmail/Email, Google Talk
  • Google Calendar & Clock & Calculator & News & Weather
  • Getting connected
  • Android Market
  • Multimedia applications
  • Google Maps
  • Others
  • Settings
  • Making the most of your phone
  • Telephone warranty
  • Accessories
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications

Download free pdf manual  user guide or operating instruction for Alcatel OT-985 smartphone here:
Alcatel OT-985 Manual (English)
Alcatel OT-985 Manual (French)
Alcatel OT-985 Manual (Portuguese)

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