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Alcatel OT-918D Manual | The Alcatel OT-918D is Dual SIM Smartphone that has been released on 2011, December with supported by 650 MHz processor. Congratulations if had bought the Alcatel OT-918D phone. On the mobile phone of course many applications and features you need to try. For it, as a reference or guidelines don't forget to read the manual or user guide PDF of Alcatel OT-918D. As owner or good user of this phone, try to read carefully step by step from the Alcatel OT-918D manual because when your Alcatel OT-918D has operated correctly and according to the procedure, then this will be useful to the durability of your phone. If there are obstacles or problems with your phone, as the solution or problem solving / troubleshooting preferably before contacting Alcatel service center, read all important instruction that are in the Alcatel OT-918D Manual. But if you lose with the Alcatel OT-918D user manual, you can download it directly official website. As information for you, after we read the Alcatel OT-918D owner manual, there are some important information such as learn phone layout, Keys and connectors, Home screen overview, Using Onscreen Keyboard, using Google Messaging / Gmail and talk, Google Calendar, Connecting to the Internet, using browser, Connecting to Bluetooth devices,Connecting to a computer via USB, Sharing your phone's mobile data connection, Connecting to virtual private networks, Configuring Internet (SIP) calling, Download and install, using gallery, camera, youtube and listening music, using Google maps, FM Radio, using other applications, phone setting guide like SIM management, Wireless & networks, display and location setting, SD card & phone storage, privacy, One Touch Upgrade, Accessories, specifications, problem solving ot troubleshooting guide, accessories info and more. The following table of contents for Alcatel OT-918D manual user guide:

Alcatel OT-918D
Alcatel OT-918D
The table of contents for the Alcatel OT-918D Manual User Guide such as:
  • Safety and use
  • General information
  • Your mobile
  • Text input
  • Phone call, Call log and Contacts
  • Google Messaging, Gmail/Email, Google Talk
  • Google Calendar & Clock & Calculator & News & Weather
  • Getting connected
  • Android Market
  • Multimedia applications
  • Google Maps
  • Others
  • Settings
  • Making the most of your phone
  • Telephone warranty
  • Accessories
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specifications

Download free pdf manual user guide or operating instruction from here:
Alcatel OT-918D Manual user Guide (English | 5.92 MB | 80 pages)
Alcatel OT-918D Manual user Guide (Spanish)

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