Acer Stream S110 Manual Setting Guide and Troubleshooting

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Acer Stream S110 Manual | The Acer Stream S110 has long been released on 19 Aug 2010. This smartphone also known as Acer S110. Comes with Single core, 1000 MHz, Snapdragon processor and applied Android (2.1) as operating system / platform. Congratulations if had bought the Acer Stream S110. On the cell phone of course many applications and features you need to try. For it, as a reference or guidelines don't forget to read the manual or user guide PDF of Acer Stream S110. As owner or good user of this phone, try to read carefully step by step from the Acer Stream S110 manual because when your Acer Stream S110 has operated correctly and according to the procedure, then this will be useful to the durability of your cell phone. If there are obstacles or problems with your smartphone, as the solution or problem solving / troubleshooting preferably before contacting acer service center, read all important instruction that are in the Acer Stream S110 Manual. But if you lose with the Acer Stream S110 user manual, you can download it directly official website. As information for you, after we read the Acer Stream S110 owner manual, there are some important information such as learn phone basic operations or operating phone guide, phone lpart overview with explained menu and key functions, specifications, tutorial inserting a microSD card, locking phone, using applications like camera, browsing, Google mail, setting email, phone settings guide, connecting guide like using bluetooh and wi-fi, safety, problem solving or troubleshooting guide, resetting phone and more. For information about the Acer Stream S110 specs or full specification, you can read below after table of content for the Acer Stream S110 review. By The way, don't forget if you want to buy a smartphone or cell phones read about Tips Buying Smarthone or Smartphone Buyer's Guide.
Acer Stream S110
Acer Stream S110
The table of contents for the Acer Stream S110 manual such as:
  • Features and Functions
  • Product Registration
  • Unpacking Your Smartphone
  • Getting to Know Your Smartphone
  • Installing SIM or microSD Card
  • Installing Removing battery
  • Turning on for the First Time
  • Locking Your Smartphone
  • Using the Touchscreen
  • The Onscreen Keyboard
  • The Widget Screen
  • The Home Screen
  • Managing Your Contacts
  • Before Making a Call
  • Making a Call
  • The Voice Call Screen
  • Voice Call Options
  • Creating a New Message
  • Replying to a Message
  • MMS Messages
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Setting up Your Google Email
  • Composing an Email
  • Setting up Email Online Applications
  • Camera Icons and Indicators
  • Taking a Photo
  • Shooting a Video
  • Airplane Mode
  • Activating or Deactivating Connections
  • Adjusting Connection Settings
  • Phone Settings
  • Dolby Mobile
  • Connecting to a PC
  • FM Radio
  • Multimedia Playback
  • Resetting Your Smartphone
  • Using the Headset
  • Using a Bluetooth Headset
  • HDMI and 720P Output
  • Inserting a microSD Card
  • FAQ and Troubleshooting
  • Other Source of Help
  • Warnings and Precautions
  • Emergency Calls
  • Disposal and Recycling Information
  • Taking care of Your Smartphone
  • Regulatory Information

While for the Acer Stream S110 specs / specification and features include:
  • Dimensions: 119.5 x 63 x 11.2 mm
  • Running on the Android 2.1 OS
  • It has 3.70 inches, AMOLED, 480 x 800 pixels resolution and support 16 777 216 colors
  • Powered by 1400 mAh battery
  • Boosted by Single core, 1000 MHz, Snapdragon processor, Qualcomm MSM8250 chip with 512 MB RAM / 512 MB ROM
  • 2000 MB internal memory and support microSD, microSDHC up to 332 GB
  • Work on under GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) and UMTS (
  • 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
  • Connectivity: bluetooth 2.1, EDR, USB 2.0, Wi-fi
  • 802.11 b, g, n
  • Support Facebook, YouTube (upload), Flickr, Picasa, Twitter

Acer Stream S110 Troubleshooting Summary
  • Why is there no sound coming from the device?
  • Why can’t I view my picture files?
  • Why can’t I play my music files?
  • How do I check the OS version of my device?
  • I couldn’t turn on the device
  • The phone heats up when charging or making long duration calls
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Download free pdf manual from here:
Acer Stream S110 Manual (English | 6.05 MB | 65 pages)

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